Web Design & DevelomentOur content marketing services that include strategy development, content writing, editing, and publishing, will help you increase website traffic from your online marketing channels, show a good image about your brand and engage your audience on the social media platforms.

Why Content Marketing?

1- Content is the king

By crafting compelling, valuable content that gets to the heart of your readers, you earn the trust of your audience. Research shows that the more content your audience consumes, the more likely they are to buy from you.

2- Content marketing is cheaper

And more effective than traditional forms of advertising. It is also proven to influence conversions. Our content marketing services will help you write content that will drive results and enhance your entire online marketing presence.

3- Low-risk contracts

Our content marketing services are backed with high integrity and want to earn your trust by providing great work.

Five Keys

Our 5 Keys of How We Manage Your Content?

1. Content Marketing Strategy

The first step our content marketing agency will take with your business is to craft a unique strategy. We will research your buyer’s persona, and learn more about your customers. This will help us write content that appeals to them. In addition, we will develop a blog calendar, allowing you to see what topics we will be writing about and when they will be published. Finally, before publishing any deliverables, we will send all content to you in advance for you to approve.

2. Content Development

Our content is professionally written, edited, and published internally to produce consistent and quality content for your business. The content that we develop will be unique to your business and published to your website. All content must be published to a WordPress blog or similar CMS. If your content is hosted on another website, we can create a WordPress blog for you and add it to your website.

3. Content Distribution

Our content marketing services include automatic distribution of your content to social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. For more robust content distribution, we recommend using a combination of our social media management services, social media advertising services, and/or our email marketing services. These additions will help you build an audience to promote your content to.

4. Content Marketing Reporting

Our agency will send content marketing reports each month to breakdown the performance of our services. The main metrics we look at will be increased website traffic and time-on-site for each new user.

5. Data Segmentation & Reporting

Once you set your web analytics strategy and your analytic segments tool starts gathering data, it may get overwhelming to predict any useful transactions. Navigating through this huge amount of data can be tiring and a huge waste of time. Hence you need to put filters and extract only useful data from your tool.

Our 5 Keys of How We Manage Your Content? Our 5 Keys of How We Manage Your Content? Our 5 Keys of How We Manage Your Content? Our 5 Keys of How We Manage Your Content? Our 5 Keys of How We Manage Your Content? Our 5 Keys of How We Manage Your Content?

Some of our work

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